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This version of 'Selling NewTek Technology' is designed for clients that cannot access the Vimeo content because of geo-restrictions.  If this doesn't apply to you, you should sign up for the standard class. This course is for sales people, demonstration artists and system installers.  Topics will include an overview of NewTek's product line, selling tools, demonstration tips, installation notes and much more.  Multi-camera synced source video and content to use in demonstrations will be made available.  Learn how to improve sales, deliver more impactful demos and shorten installation time; all aspects that will positively impact your business and give you a leg up. Class Version - August 2020 Read More

The ‘How to Sell NewTek Technology’ exam designed for the base level knowledge to be a NewTek dealer.  The questions were developed by the NewTekU team to make sure you possess this knowledge. A result with a grade of 80% or higher will pass this exam. The test will be 50 questions from a randomly chosen pool of questions.  You have 3 attempts to pass.  There is a 3 hour time limit to complete this exam.  The exam does have to be completed in one session, if you leave the exam it will be closed and you will need to restart a new exam. When you enroll, you will have 180 days to complete this exam. Exam Version - August 2020 Read More

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