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Building a video over IP network often requires interfacing with existing equipment, be it baseband, SMPTE 2110 or IP audio formats like Dante.  This course covers the products NewTek develops to connect into existing workflows that many clients already have in place. Class topics include operation of the entire Connect and Spark product lines.  Learn how to exchange alpha channel signals between baseband and NDI, what is needed to get SMPTE 2110 functioning with NDI and how to convert SRT sources into NDI feeds for your production.  Passing the exam for this course is one of the requirements to become a Certified NDI Network Expert (CNNE). Read More

The ‘NewTek Infrastructure Products’ exam designed for the base level knowledge of NewTek's Connect and Sparks products, along with the workflows in with they operate.  The questions were developed by the NewTekU team to make sure you possess this knowledge. A result with a grade of 80% or higher will pass this exam. The test will be 50 questions from a randomly chosen pool of questions.  You have 3 attempts to pass.  There is a 3 hour time limit to complete this exam.  The exam does have to be completed in one session, if you leave the exam it will be closed and you will need to restart a new exam. When you enroll, you will have 180 days to complete this exam. Read More

In this class students will learn the methods of control and automation available to TriCaster systems.  The class starts with an in-depth instruction on the macro system.  Additional topics will include triggering macros via different mechanisms and training with the LivePanel Builder.  Extending the macro system using NDI commands and with External command line tools will also be presented, with ready to be used workflows delivered as part of the course.  Finally, the class will examine how to use the HTTP API available in the TriCaster, and other NewTek products, to build web-based applications, with all code for writing this application provided in class.  While not a requirement, a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended. Class Version - December 2020 Read More

Graphics are an essential part of any live show; it is the thread that ties the entire production together.  This class starts with the fundamentals of graphics and the terminology used in live production.   Learn how to create titles, transitions, borders, animated logos and virtual sets with examples included in the class materials.  Each class section will focus on a different graphics workflow available in TriCaster solutions.  Read More

Get a sample of NewTekU online classes with this selection of free courses.  Class Updated - August 2021 Read More

This course is for sales people, demonstration artists and system installers.  Topics will include an overview of NewTek's product line, selling tools, demonstration tips, installation notes and much more.  Multi-camera synced source video and content to use in demonstrations will be made available.  Learn how to improve sales, deliver more impactful demos and shorten installation time; all aspects that will positively impact your business and give you a leg up. Class Version - August 2020 Read More

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